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    Amfax pricing details:

  Fees are broadly based on the size of an organizations membership and its anticipated usage. We include a generous allotment of "Included Messages" With each subscription so an organization can reach its constituents at least once per-quarter without exceeding their included allotment and also allow for periodic testing and training.  
Plans Available
Price per Year
Included Units
Plan I   $390 2,000 $0.19
Plan II   $790 5,000 $0.17
Plan III   $1,490 12,000 $0.15
Plan IV   $2,990 30,000 $0.12
Plan V   $5,990 70,000 $0.10
Plan VI   $11,990 150,000 $0.09
Plan VII   $23,990 400,000 $0.07
Plan VIII   $47,990 1,000,000 $0.05




* Unlimited access to the Amfax system for sending phone, email, SMS-text and fax messages.
* Unlimited access via any web based browser or touch tone phone.
* Unlimited number of lists, and unlimited list size.
* Unlimited access to, and use of the Alerts and Notifications Hotline.
* Automatic detailed reports after each broadcast by email or by fax.
* Unlimited assistance in list creation, upload, and maintenance.
* Knowledgeable toll-free live customer service 24/7 including all holidays.
* Complete confidentiality of your information with 128 bit encryption
  What's Next? 1-Select your Plan; 2-Submit your form; 3-Do the tutorial and try out the immense power of your reach!  
  1. Select your Plan.  
  We suggest choosing the plan whose number of Included Units is sufficient to permit multiple emergency reach numbers for each person including work, home, and cell-phone numbers. This is especially important if you also plan to send email and SMS-text notifications. Sending regular staff notices should also be considered when choosing your plan.  
  2. Submit your signed agreement by fax to 800-314-5330. Download: amFax ENS Solutions  
  Please allow 45-72 hours for your account access to be created and sent to you. After which, we will schedule a walk through for you to demonstrate how to broadcast a message through your web browser and through any touch tone phone or cell phone.  
  3. We'll prepare your account and invite you to an online training tutorial.  
  While waiting for your userID from us, you can start preparing a list of all the reach numbers in your database for each person or group along with their name, employee number or other identifier. Those two fields (name & number) will constitute the major portion of your emergency notification preparedness. You can modify or augment your lists at any time to include emergency services lists, vendor lists, and any other list of significant parties with whom you might wish to be in touch during an emergency or any other conditions.  
  NOTE: Are you a school or non-profit? Discounted emergency notifications plans are available for you.  
  Amfax offers discounted rates for emergency notifications for schools, unions, and certain non-profit organizations through its Parent-REACH program. The program offers full access to the Amfax ENS System to permit messaging to their faculty, students, parents, or members, without placing a severe financial strain on the organization's budget. For more information visit www.ParentREACH.com.  



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